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  • Screw Cap NMR Sample Tubes

    Convenient screw cap access with the security of a fluoropolymer seal. Supplied with open top cap & fluoropolymer / silicone septum for quick and clean access with a 22 gauge standard point needle.

  • NMR Optimizer Inserts™
    for 5mm Spinner Turbines

    • Individual precision adapters hold 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm or 4.25mm NMR tubes in 5mm spinner turbine.
    • Suited for method development to optimize sensitivity and resolution of NMR Spectra.
    • Ideal for analyzing biological samples or buffered solutions with high salt concentration.
    • Run sample in seven NMR tube sizes to determine optimal sample volume without purchase of new Spinner Turbines.
    • Available for Agilent/Varian, Bruker, and Jeol Spinner Turbines.
  • Constricted NMR Sample Tubes

    Constricted NMR tubes offer a convenient way to seal your sample from air or other contaminants. Simply heat the constricted portion using a suitable source, and gently twist and pull on the open end to seal. Also allows samples to be stored under vacuum or inert gas.

  • Valved NMR Tubes
    for Vacuum & Reduced Pressure

    Handle your NMR sample without flame-sealing your tubes. Fluoropolymer covered o-ring eliminates material incompatibilities. Completely greaseless fluoropolymer assembly, which is easy to use and to disassemble for cleaning. Includes female joint for quick attachment to your vacuum rack.

  • Valved NMR Sample Tubes
    for Intermediate Pressure

    These pressure tubes facilitate experiments requiring conditions such as pressurized inert atmosphere blanketing, addition of reactive gaseous reagents under pressure, containment of low boiling point solvents or samples at elevated temperatures, and so on.

  • Valved NMR Sample Tubes
    for High Pressure

    The High Pressure valves feature a heavier wall glass shell than the other valve types, along with a fully threaded, closely fitting PTFE valve plug held tightly within the glass valve shell for maximum pressure capability and leak resistance, thereby allowing high vacuum use as well. The tapered tip design of the PTFE valve plug permits precise flow control through the valve under high pressure or vacuum.

  • Sample Vault Series™ for Bruker Samplejet

    • Engineered for the new generation of high-throughput lab automation systems.
    • Two precision types available for up to 700 MHz and up to 950 MHz spectrometers.
    • Superior Sample Vauilt™ cap attaches semi-permanently for multiple use and for critical applications.
    • Choice of two Sample Vault™ caps - closed port and open port - gives you the ultimate choice for sample sealing.
    • Safe for cold refrigeration storage, works with cryo-probes and variable temperature studies.

We too are chemists at NORELL®, and know what goes behind making a product. After all, we operate and maintain our own in-house NMR spectrometer. We realize that the last thing you want is to repeat a run because of shimming problems caused by a faulty NMR tube. Or worse, during use, your tube ends up breaking because of poor tube dimension. With our NMR tubes you are guaranteed superior quality and remarkable performance.

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2014 Norell Product Catalog

2014 NORELL® Product Catalog

Our new 2014 product catalog is available for download and features our new family of valved nmr tubes.

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