3mm and 5mm NMR Tube Brush

3mm and 5mm NMR Tube Cleaning Brush

Designed For Manual Cleaning of 3mm and 5mm OD Thin Wall NMR Tubes

This hand-held NMR tube brush thoroughly cleans and removes even stubborn contaminants from the inner surface of 3mm thin wall NMR tubes up to 7” long and 5mm thin wall NMR tubes up to 12" long. The brush diameter fits tightly within the NMR tube, while the soft nylon bristles will not scratch or abrade the interior glass surface. The stem of the brush is ruggedly constructed from galvanized steel wire wound as a single spiral for secure retention of the bristles. The brush is formed with a wire loop handle at the end for easy gripping during use.

Item No. Description
NTB-3x8 3mm x 8" NMR Tube Brush
NTB-3x4 3mm x 4" NMR Tube Brush
NTB-5x12 5mm x 12" NMR Tube Brush
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