5mm NMR Tube Carrier

This durable, rugged container protects both personnel and glass NMR tubes during temporary storage and transport, shielding against breakage and loss of sample that might otherwise result if the sample tube is accidentally dropped, rolls off of the lab bench or encounters other similar mishaps.

It holds one 5mm diameter x 7 inches long NMR tube, with ample space for the cap, including standard NMR tube caps, NorLoc™ caps, and fluoropolymer NMR tube caps.

The NMR Tube Carrier is formed from an impact resistant polymer as a single tubular unit, thereby imparting strength and crush resistance, and includes an integral clip that grips shirt or lab coat pockets.

The snap-on cap fits tightly and does not dislodge easily if struck or dropped, adding the final measure of protection to precious or hazardous samples.

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NOTE: The NMR Tube Carrier is designed for personal, safe transport of samples within and between laboratories, to adjacent buildings, etc., but should not be considered suitable for use as a sole packaging system for shipping NMR tubes containing U.S. DOT or UN listed hazardous materials in commerce. It can be used as an additional intermediate packaging element providing added protection for sealed (not simply capped) NMR samples when supplemental packaging materials are used in accordance with the appropriate governing authority. Within the USA, please consult the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 Transportation, Subtitle B, to ensure full and complete compliance.

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